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Suikaen Takayama Chasen - Matcha Whisk 80 prong

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Takayama chasen by Suikaen, Yasaburo Tanimura. Authentic Japanese matcha whisk made in Nara, Japan. Available at Toka Ceramics.

Suikaen Takayama Chasen - Matcha Whisk 80 prong

Toka Ceramics

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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Each Takayama Chasen is carefully crafted in Nara, Japan, from a single piece of bamboo, skillfully split along its grain by Yasaburo Tanimura, who has inherited 530 years of tradition and craftsmanship. The durable and flexible tips aerate the liquid as you whisk, creating a fine, silky smooth matcha.

The "white" bamboo used for these whisks is grown in the Kinki region, where Nara is located. Harvested in winter after 2-3 years, it's then boiled to remove oils, dried in the cold winter air, and aged for another 2-3 years, gradually turning from green to white.

-About Takayama Chasen-
The tradition of tea ceremony began with Juko of Shojoji Temple in Nara, who pioneered drinking powdered tea. He requested Nyudo Sozei, the second son of Takayama Castle’s lord, to design a tea whisk, giving birth to the modern "Takayama Chasen."

Takayama's climate is ideal for producing high-quality tea whisks. In winter, bamboo from the Kinki region is sun-dried from January to February, with temperatures dropping to near 0°C at night, tightening the bamboo for perfect tea whisks.

Whisk Size
- Φ6.7cm (prong) x Φ2.5cm (handle) x H6.5cm 
Container Size
- Φ6.0cm x H12.0cm

- Bamboo

Please read Care section below for longevity.

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