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Wooden Cutlery Care Instructions

Wooden tableware has different features to metal or plastic tableware. It is durable and will not break easily as long as you use it with care. The surface is coated with a safe and harmless urethane coating to protect it from stains, cracks, and water absorption.  
For longevity for your wooden cutlery, please follow instructions below.

How To Care

・Do not use it for any purpose other than the intended purpose such as preparing, serving and eating food.
・Handle gently and do not use it with extra force. It may cause some damage.  
・Leaving it too long after using it with excessive oil or strong colourd food could cause stains.  
・Always hand wash gently with a soft sponge after every use. Do not use scourer. 
・Wooden cutlery is not to be used in a microwave, oven, dishwasher. (each product is different. Please refer to each item's product page)
・Do not sun dry.  
・Do not leave in the water too long. This could cause cracks, deformation and/or pealing of coats.

About Urethane Coating

Our wooden cutlery (except for chopsticks) is made in Indonesia using Sao wood under the strict regulations by the Japanese company (TOUGEI CO., LTD.) In Japan, the Food Sanitation Law prohibits the manufacture, sale, or use of food utensils that may cause harmful substances that may damage human health. Their urethane coating used to coat is 100% food grade safe and our products ensure safety in compliance with the Japanese standards of the Food Sanitation Law.