Apple Shaped Small Bowl - 10.0cm


This apple shaped bowl is so cute to decorate the table on its own or perfect for plating up dessert, pickles, or even use as a  jewelry tray.

Tsugaru Kanayama Pottery creates pottery that has a unique deep texture by firing slowly and carefully at a high temperature of 1350 ℃. This is called "Yakishime". Each bowl may come with its unique pattern. (Please see the pictures)

-Characteristics of Tsugaru Kanayama Pottery-

The vessels are buried beneath ash allowing fire and air flow on the surface of the vessels and do not get fired directly. Also sometimes the grey and blue colours appear when fired. The condition occurs because of less oxygen.

Straws are placed between pieces to separate each vessels in a kiln. This technique leaves some marks of red straw after firing.

These techniques bring out the original unique texture of the vessels.
Most of Tsugaru Kanayama Pottery are created without glaze. The way Hidasuki and Sangiri appear on each vessel is different. It may have a more worn-out texture than the pictures show.

φ10.0cm x H4.5cm 
- Tsugaru Ware
- Pottery
- Microwave / Dishwasher Safe
- NOT Oven Safe

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Due to the handmade or hand-finished nature of our products, there may be some imperfections and also variations in colour, texture, and shape. Each piece may vary from the image slightly shown in the pictures.
Please see our Care Instruction page for more details.

Handmade ceramic comes with its unique features. 
Please see this page for more information.

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