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Featuring small kilns and ceramic artists based in Japan.
Our unique collection will give your tables and shelves a timeless look that you’ll love. Give your table a special touch with these quality pieces.


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Our Makers

 - Kaneko Kohyo -

Kaneko Kohyo ceramics was founded in 1921, when Ito Kohyo chose the site for the original kilns at the top of a small mountain near Toki City, Gifu Prefecture.The Toki area had been long famed for its fine casting methods making various items for shrines and family altars. After the war, Ito Kohyo’s son, Terumi, took over the family business. As Japan’s economy expanded, he too expanded the lines of new products that required fine casting. They have been making ceramics that combine originality and elegance within its handmade ceramic designs.They deem it important to preserve and promote their past along with the uniqueness and beauty of Mino-yaki pottery.

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pic by @kanekokohyo

 - Maruju Seitou -

Maruju Seitou was founded in 1937 in Shiga Prefecture, specialising in Shigaraki ware (Pottery made in Shiga) which is known for one of Japan’s six ancient kilns in Japan.They wish to build on the traditions and techniques that have been passed down by conveying the warmth of pottery and adding to the modern ideas.

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pic by @marujukama

 - Momota Touen -

Momota Touen is a force behind a renowned brand "1616/arita japan".
Named after its origins, "1616/arita japan" products are produced in the same factories as their original Arita pottery but take a completely different design approach. "1616 / arita japan" thrives to create products that can be used every day, though made with the extraordinary workmanship, thinness, and strength of original Arita ware.

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pic by Momota-Touen

 - Shoyo Gama -

The Shoyo kiln is a historical kiln that inherits the long line of Tamba ware. The techniques have been passed on to the second and third generations from the original founder. They continue to create modern and practical vessels based on the traditional techniques. The Shoyo kiln is located up high on a hill. This elevated position provides a vast view of the Tamba mountains where they get inspirations for their work.

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pic by @sho_yo_gama

 - Tsugaru Kanayama Pottery -

Tsugaru Kanayama Pottery is based in Aomori prefecture, in the north part of Japan where they are spoilt with an abundance of natural rich clay. Their work is deeply influenced by Sueki (Sue ware), which is unglazed pottery made around from the Kofun era (300AD〜) to the Heian era (〜1185AD). Kanayama Pottery rediscovered the technique which was kept in the region. They have been producing pottery that has a unique deep texture by firing works carefully at a high temperature of 1350 ℃.

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pic by Tsugaru Kanayama Pottery

 - Yachimun Yonamine -

Yachimun Yonamine is run by Daisuke Yonamine, who continues to challenge himself to create enticing ceramics with the view to add a little extra special feeling for everyday use.His work was selected for the largest comprehensive art exhibition "Oki Exhibition" in Okinawa 6 times.

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pic by @yachimunyonamine

 - Yamachiku -

Sine 1963, Yamachiku have been creating chopsticks that are crafted with sustainably sourced bamboo from the mountains in Fukuoka and Kumamoto prefectures. 
With more than 50 years of experience, Yamachiku is now the only manufacturer in Japan to produce 100% chopsticks in-house from scratch to finish. Lightweight, durable and easy to grip.Their chopstick are enjoyed by children to elders in a lot of household, and also trusted by chefs at famous restaurants in Japan.

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pic by @takenohashidake