Sansho Surikogi Japanese Pestle


Surikogi means Japanese pestle made from wood.
It is soft enough to maximise the longevity of your Japanese mortar. 

In Japan it has been said that Japanese pepper tree or prickly ash is the best material for pestle.

This is because Japanese pepper trees have a detoxifying effect, and it is said that a small amount of pepper scraped during grinding is mixed with the ingredients to prevent food poisoning. The subtle aroma of Japanese pepper also complements the dishes. In addition, Japanese pepper trees are hard and resistant to wear, so you can use them for a long time. 
This is the wisdom of our ancestors from olden times when there was no refrigerator. 

Pair it with our Japanese Mortar.

- Size: 2-3cm x H17.0cm 

Due to the nature of natural material, each pestle's size and colour will differ from the picture.

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