Banko Ware Rice Clay Pot 1.9L


Imagine a steaming bowl of soft, fluffy rice with yummy side dish, and a nice warm miso soup. In Japan, rice has a history of over 2000 years. It is the staple of the Japanese diet, and with its long history comes an irreplaceable importance to the culture and daily lives of the people. Along with this, rice cookware has been tested and developed to serve delicious, plump rice at its best.

Banko Ware has an amazing high fire resistance due to the amount of the lithum ore contained in the clay, making it durable enough to be used in microwave, charcoal fire, and open flames.

This clay pot has an inner lid which helps prevent water from boiling over. And The rounder shape improves convection, which is the secret of rice's deliciousness.

- 19.5cm × 22.5cm x H17.0cm
- Banko Ware 
- Microwave / Dishwasher Safe
- NOT Induction Cooktop Safe

We strongly recommend doing "medome" before first use.
Please see our Care Instruction page for more details.

Due to the handmade or hand-finished nature of our products, there may be some imperfections and also variations in colour, texture, and shape. Each piece may vary from the image slightly shown in the pictures.

Handmade ceramic comes with unique features. 
Please see this page for more information.

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