KIYOI Japanese Linen Dish Cloth - Grey


Kiyoi means "clean / pure" in Japanese.

Linen has excellent water absorption and wicking properties, and it is said to have twice the moisture absorption of cotton.  
It is durable, strong and long lasting.

The more you use it, the more the fibres open up and the more moisture the cloth absorbs.

This cloth is so versatile. You can put it on your kitchen tools to protect it from dust, wrap a lunch box, or fold it and wash dishes and dry them.

Made in Wakayama prefecture, in Japan.

- Size: 45 x 45cm
- Material: 100% Linen
- Made in Japan

Please note:
During the production, a food safe glue is used to weave this cloth. Soak it in warm water and wash before use. 
The cloth may shrink a little bit after first wash.

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