Heuge Mug Green - Oribe


Heuge is a series of vessels created by CHIPS JAPAN.

This mug is made of porcelain and you will be amazed how light it is.
It has a unique shape that has a narrower body in the middle which creates a sense of stability. The handles are hand-kneaded one by one, and are a little thicker than normal ones. It makes this mug easy to hold.

Oribe-Yaki was named after Furuta Oribe, who learned Wabi-cha as a disciple from Sen no Rikyu. Oribe-Yaki which was named after him was born while teaching pottery.
Each Kiln expresses Oribe's green in various ways. CHIPS JAPAN took the plunge to change the traditional designs and colours of Oribe-Yaki, and altered them to better suit more modern style.

Please enjoy the Oribe-Yaki that can be used every day at the modern dining table.

- φ8.3cm x H8.3cm  / 300ml
- Mino Ware
- Porcelain
- Microwave Safe (within 2mins)
- Dishwasher Safe
- NOT Oven / Open fire Safe

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Due to the handmade or hand-finished nature of our products, there may be some imperfections and also variations in colour, texture, and shape. Each piece may vary from the image slightly shown in the pictures.
Please see our Care Instruction page for more details.

Handmade ceramic comes with unique features. 
Please see this page for more information.

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